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You can use, WhatsApp, Text messages, calls or E-mail as well for bookings and questions. 


WhatsApp, Calls and Text Messages:  664 584 92 10

WhatsApp,Telegram, SMS and Voice calls.




When you check into the hotel/motel,and after you send us the room number, the girl will arrive directly to your room where you can wait in total comfort. Please allow, at least, 30-40 minutes for the Musas to arrive.

For 3somes wait times can be longer due to the partners meeting first and then arriving to your room after. Please consider at least double the time due to a double trip from the girls. 


We recommend La MansionTicuanCaesars, Aqua Rio, MarriotGrand HotelHyatt Place and Pueblo Amigo, which are close to the border.



None of the girls will go to Zona Norte hotels like Cascadas, Rizo de Oro, Leyva, etc. Thanks for understanding!