For faster arrangements,  use WhatsApp, Text messages, Telegram or calls. You can also work out the bookings via E-mail.


WhatsApp, Calls and SMS
664 770 80 39








The profiles of the girls who can be booked are all in the models section, each profile has several pictures.
Videos section gives you a better view of many girls
Our forum has more than 1,500 additional pictures from the Musas


Let us know what day, time and place you want for the date, then we can check if the Musa  is able to make it, and reserve the time for the encounter.
You can book from 1 hour to 1 week in advance. This depends on which Musa you choose, some of them can’t be booked too early in advance.
For overnights, let us know at least 3 hours in advance.


Once you check into your hotel, and after you send the room number, the Musa will go to the encounter. For bigger hotels needing registration the ladies will need the room number and also the guest name so the staff at the hotel can confirm you are waiting for someone.




The recommended places for love motels are:  La Mansion, M20, Hacienda Soler, Villa Dorada.
For overnight stays and longer dates with in and out privileges:  Pueblo Amigo, Ticuan, Lucerna, Caesars, Grand Hotel, Hyatt Place, Marriott. 

The ladies do not go to any Zona Norte hotels (Cascadas, Rizo, Leyva, etc.).
They do not go to apartments or Airbnb
None of them cross the border.


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