Arrange a Date!

For faster arrangements,  use WhatsApp, Text messages, Telegram or calls. You can also work out the bookings via E-mail as well for bookings and questions. 


WhatsApp, Calls and Text Messages:  664 770 8039

WhatsApp,Telegram, SMS and Voice calls.




Choose the Musa, the profiles of the girls who can be booked are all in the models section, each profile has several pictures and also our forum has more than 1,000 aditional pictures from the Musas. Let us know your options so we can respond you with their availability.
Let us know what day, time and place for the date, then we can check and reserve the time from the Musa. You can book one hour to one week in advance, but this depends on which Musa you choose, some of them can’t be booked to early in advance.  For overnights let us know at least 3 hours in advance.


The recommended places for love motels are La Mansion, M20, VIA, Villa Dorada.
For overnight stays and longer dates with in and out privileges Pueblo Amigo, Ticuan, Lucerna, B my hotel, Aqua Rio, Caesars, Grand Hotel, Hyatt Place. 

The girls do not go to any Zona Norte hotels (Cascadas, Rizo, Leyva, etc.).
None of them cross the border.